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One of Innovision’s core services is photomontage. We provide photo-real representations of proposed developments. The art and precision of visualising through photo-real simulations is one of the most effective ways to present projects. It allows the client to showcase every aspect of an entire development before it has been built.


At Innovision we pride ourselves in our attention to detail and clients can rest assured that our photomontages will be of the highest quality and will more than meet international standards.


We have considerable expertise in preparing photomontages for the following sectors:

  • Photomontages for Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)

  • Renewable energy projects such as wind farms, solar farms and wave energy projects

  • Civil engineering projects including road schemes, bridges, rail network & port upgrades

  • Small and large scale infrastructure projects such as power-lines, telecoms masts & power plants

  • Large scale residential/retail & office developments

  • One-off planning applications including houses, visitor centres, shopping centres, schools etc.

  • Artistic development showcases for promotion and billboards


Not looking for photomontages yet but keen to get some photography captured for your project? Or maybe you’re looking to document or monitor landscape changes over time.


Innovision can capture crystal clear, verified 360° panoramic photography. Verified photography is the process of capturing a photograph and recording the precise location and elevation of the camera using specialist GPS equipment and measuring devices.


All our photography is captured using full-frame digital SLR cameras with fixed 50mm lens and professional panoramic tripod head. This means our verified photography is captured in accordance with international best practice guidelines for the production of visualisations.


Transforming a project from 2D plans to a 3D model is an important step in the visualisation process. At Innovision we can take 2D CAD files and bring them to life with a fully textured, digital 3D model. This can then be used for high quality standalone renders or for the production of photomontages. We can even provide fly-through animations of your project should this be required.


Some proposals are best represented in a moving environment. While it might be hard to tell what is real and what is modelled in our photo-simulations, certain developments are best showcased using videomontage. Take a proposed wind farm for example. We can take short video clips from fixed locations and super-impose wind turbines with rotating blades into the video. Videomontage gives the planning authority and the public a truer representation of how a development will look from a certain location. Call us today to find out more about Innovision’s videomontage service!



Innovision’s new Virtual Reality Viewer is a truly immersive medium which enables a user - from stakeholders to community groups - to put on a headset and immerse themselves in a full 360º view of the current landscape. It allows the user to navigate around a series of chosen “key viewpoints” using a virtual reality headset. They can then effortlessly switch between the current landscape and the same view with the proposed project in place. This is a new and exciting innovation and an experience that lends itself particularly well to public consultation events. Give your project that “wow” factor! 

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