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All things visualisation! Everything you need to showcase your project in the best possible light.

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Verified Photomontage

One of Innovision’s core services is photomontage. We provide photo-real representations of proposed developments. The art and precision of visualising through photo-real simulations is one of the most effective ways to present projects. It allows the client to showcase every aspect of an entire development before it has been built.


At Innovision we pride ourselves in our attention to detail and clients can rest assured that our photomontages will be of the highest quality and will more than meet international standards.

Click here to view some samples of our work...

Virtual Consultation Rooms

In an effort to combat the added challenges around social distancing the team at Innovision has come up with a new way for developers to engage with local communities and stakeholders.

We have developed a ‘virtual public consultation’ tool to allow developers to host some sort of public consultation event while it is currently not possible to host physical events. This service can also complement physical public consultation events once they are back up and running.

The tool allows people who are not able to attend a particular event for whatever reason, to view all relevant information pertaining to a particular development from the comfort of their own home. Click here to learn more about this service...

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Greenhills 2.jpg

External CGI

Let Innovision's team of dedicated 3D artists showcase your project to stakeholders in the best possible light. Marketing CGI's are no longer a "nice to have". They have quickly become an essential part of large scale planning applications. At Innovision we can guide you through the process with advice on the best camera angles, time of day, and materials to give your project that "wow" factor! 

Internal CGI

Working with your interior designers or on our own steam, Innovision can provide you with internal CGIs that will allow you to begin marketing your development before a sod has even been turned. 

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Some projects, due to their nature or scale, just cannot be fully communicated with static imagery alone. In these instances, an animated fly-through might be just the thing. We can carry out 3D modelling and fully animated fly-throughs for roads, rail, greenways, public realm or any other large scale developments that can benefit from this added media.  


Click here to see some sample animations created by the team... 

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