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We Map


At Innovision we are dedicated to the production of high-end digital cartographic outputs in both 2D & 3D. We take pride in producing engaging, attractive maps that are easy to read and understand. We provide a range of mapping services including;


  • Tourism mapping

  • Event maps for festivals & sporting events  

  • Walking trail maps

  • River walk maps

  • Detailed town maps

  • Transport route mapping

  • Environmental mapping

  • Site boundary maps for land parcels & properties



Innovision have many tools for capturing data in the field for use in map production. One such tool is the use of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to remotely capture precise ortho-photography and terrain elevation information. The resulting datasets offer groundbreaking levels of accuracy and detail at a fraction of the cost of aerial surveys from a manned aircraft. The outputs from the survey can also be easily made available to other consultants including archaeology, hydrology and ecology, allowing them to easily produce  more meaningful and informative results. Call us today for further information... you'll be surprised at how cost effective a solution this can be!   


Another  tool is our innovative geo-referenced video solution. This consists of a 360 spherical camera capturing geo-referenced photo-spheres at set intervals along a road, track, walkway, waterway or railway. The resulting images can then be classified based on any number of attributes such as route quality, amount of roadside screening, road signage inventory, scenic views etc. The classified imagery is then displayed on a map for easy interpretation.


Get in touch for further details on this and to see what solution we can build for you!

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